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Clifton Butterfly Diamond Model Hot water within 4 second 64 liter hot water in 1 Unit electricity. Easy to install no plumbing require. Features of Butterfly Diamond Model Power saver switch Don't worry , if you forget to off your geyser, it will off automatic, there is even no danger of geyser bursting, and no more electricity consumption Anti- Scaling System Protect your geyser from hard water, Especially in the element, slow down freezing process ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) In this model one of Unique feature ELCB which have 0% Risk and 100% safety from current. In case of any current leakage even as little as 30 mile Amps then Geyser will get automatic off within half second so it's 100% safety and 0% Risk Clifton-Heating Expert since 1999

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