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Portable geyser (MW 3000) Heat Water In Just 5-10 Second.Used In Best for Bathroom, Kitchen, Hotel, Beauty Parlor, Health Club, Laboratory, Hospital, Restaurant, Saloon, Clinic, Factory Portable:Clifton geyser compact, very light, attractively designed & colorful, it can be easily shifted to any point wherever hot water is required just hang the geyser on a wall & connect it to a water tap. Requires no additional plumbing. shock proof:Clifton geyser is made from the latest developed high quality heat resistant plastic. This ensures that the Clifton geyser can withstand any temperature of water. So the Clifton geyser is shock proof, 100 % safe & simple to use. Rust proof:as Clifton geyser's are made up of polypropylene, it does not corrode and is rust-proof, unlike the metal geysers. Heating elements:a 3kw. , 230 v ac, an ISI marked heating element, which is direct immersion type, mineral filled, copper sheathed & nickel plated heating element ensures long, trouble free performance. So it give heats water faster. Thermostat:an ISI mark stem type, snap action thermostat has a temperature range of 25Degc to 85Degc normally set at 65Degc. It cuts off electric power supply as the water reaches the set temperature & restart automatically when the temperature goes low. Indicator:a flus mounted greenindicator lamp with every geyser indicates the automatic working of Clifton geyser: How to Install:It's very easy to install it. Just fix the instant water heateron a wall in bathroom or a kitchen and attach the water source to the water inlet point thought the rubber pipe. Connect the power cable to the DP Switch and that's it. No requirement of plumber. Your instant water heater is ready to provide you hot water with just a flip of a switch. Instant water heater is fitted with ISI mark heating coil, ISI mark thermostat along with ABS body. How to operate instant water heater:Set the water flow as per your requirement and turn on the instant water heater. You will be supplied with hot water with in 5-10 sec. depending on the external temperature, water flow. Temperature of water can be controlled by the flow of water; less the flow of water more hot water will get. Instant Water heater comes with 2 year manufacturing warranty. Warranty is void if water heater is operated without providing water flow to the water heater.
Clifton Portable Geyser DLXM913 (Demo English) Instant Portable Geyser. Running hot water start within 4second only. Just connect with Tap wherever you require hot water. No extra pluming required. 64litre hot water in consumption one unit electricity. 3 years replacement guarantee. Fitted with msb for extra safety. feature=share
al Water Heater Industrial Water Heater Approx Price: Rs 2, 000 / Piece(s) Several industrial processes require hot water. Some also require water heated to steam. Our industrial water heaters are well- known in industrial circles for the high quality of the raw material which we use and for their efficiency, reliability, long, trouble-free service and cost effectiveness. These heaters have also been installed in several large hotels, restaurants and resorts.
High Quality Material- You Will Undoubtedly Enjoy The Warm Water Bath By Investing In This State-Of-The-Art Electric Water Heater That Is Made From Durable And Best Quality Materials. Suitability- The Product Auto Switches Off When Water Supply Stops.You Can Use This One Of The Best Water Heater Anywhere In Bathroom, Kitchen, Wash Area, Beauty Parlours Etc. No Extra Plumbing Required-Easy To Use And Maintain, Portable Water Heater Is Designed To Provide You Utmost Ease By Supplying Continuous Warm Water. Shock Proof, Rust Proof, Super Instant, Durable And Economical Instant Geyser Is Worth The Money.Max Temperature Of Hot Water Reaches Up To 65 Degrees * Auto Power Cut-Off In Case Temperature Reaches 65 Degrees Warranty - 2 Years Manufacture Warranty, Capacity - 1 Litre. 100% Satisfaction Assured
MW 3000 : Portable Geyser : Hot water with in 4 second. With 2 Years guarantee. No Extra Plumbing Required, Just Connect With The Tap. Easy to install Anywhere.